Meet the Capra Lab at SMBE 2017

Ling, Laura, David, and I will be heading to Austin this week for SMBE 2017.

I’m organizing a symposium on Tuesday on the Evolution of Gene Regulation. Ling will give a talk on Tuesday at 1:30pm on “Sequence properties of enhancers are conserved across mammals”. Laura will present her poster “Sequence characteristics distinguish enhancers from promoters” (POA-264), and┬áDavid will present his poster “A fly in the ointment: compensatory mutations in Drosophila gene deletion strains may confound reproducibility” (POB-123).

Stop by if you are interested!

Welcome to Souhrid Mukherjee!

We are very happy to welcome Souhrid Mukherjee as a new PhD student in our group. Souhrid will join the Biological Sciences PhD program. He is interested in integrating a systems biology perspective into our work on personalized structural biology. He has a B.S and M.S in Biochemistry, from the University of Calcutta.

Greg Sliwoski wins best talk!

Congratulations to Greg Sliwoski for winning the best presentation award for his talk “A clinic-driven pipeline for prioritizing variants of unknown significance with personalized structural biology” at the 2017 Department of Biomedical Informatics Research Forum!